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Waskasoo Avenue

Town of Penhold

Project Description

The Town of Penhold has seen a vast rise in housing developments over the last decade and with the addition of their new Regional Multiplex located in the northeast corner of the Town, it was decided by Town Council, that the old rural roadway running north/south on the Town’s east boundary required upgrading. Potential flooding of nearby Waskasoo Creek prompted the project team to consider constructing the roadway in such a way as to prevent damage to private and public property. A concept was developed which would see the roadway elevated to act as a dyke protecting the Town’s east side from elevated water levels. The flood prevention potential of the roadway opened the project to provincial funding. Two large storm water ponds were constructed to treat previously untreated stormwater, provide unique features for Penhold’s future recreational area, and provide fill material for construction of the dyke.  

The project required significant planning to minimize the cost of construction. Tagish Engineering worked directly with the Town to ensure that the roadway was constructed to meet the Town’s requirements over its entire length. Waskasoo Creek flood information was used to ensure the entire length of Waskasoo Avenue was elevated above the potential flood elevation. An intricate storm system design was required to ensure that flood waters could not penetrate the dyke while ensuring that regular storm water could flow through the dyke to the creek.


Town of Penhold




  • 1,600m of Storm Sewer

  • 1,800m of Sanitary Force Main

  • 820m of Paved Pathways

  • 3,600m of Concrete Curb & Gutter

  • 17,000 sq.m. of Asphalt Concrete Paving

  • 110,000 cu.m. of Common Excavation

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