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Township Road 360 Base & Pave

Red Deer County

Project Description

For this 4.3km road upgrading project, Tagish Engineering was retained to complete the design, tendering, and construction management services. This existing gravel surface roadway was upgraded to a ban free, asphalt paved road. Through Tagish’s involvement, the project was completed under the estimated construction budget and within the schedule allowance. 

To reduce construction costs and project duration an alternative to a typical road core, reconstruction strategy was proposed. As the existing subgrade material proved to be sufficient and beyond the structural strength, the recommended structure included subgrade preparation, installation of a geotextile geogrid material, placement of 250mm granular base course and paving of 125mm of asphalt concrete pavement. In using geosynthetics, the required depth of base gravel was able to be reduced and as such the finished width of the roadway was not compromised.


Red Deer County




  • 46,600 sq.m. of base preparation

  • 31,500 tonnes of granular base course

  • 13,200 tonnes of asphalt paving

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