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Sylvan Lake
50A Street Modernization

Town of Sylvan Lake

Project Description

As part of the West Village Modernization project, this first phase of the project included the modernization and beautification of 50A Street in Sylvan Lake. With various trench repair patches and a failing road structure the road required a much-needed rehabilitation. This corridor was also identified as a future Festival Street for the Town were various events could be hosted. With this concept in mind, Tagish Engineering was tasked with developing an aesthetic, pedestrian friendly street that tackled required infrastructure rehabilitation.  

Throughout the design of this project, Tagish completed concept plans to help guide the development of the project. These concept plans were presented at open houses to obtain feedback from the public and presented at a council meeting to assist with guiding the direction of the project.  At these sessions it was determined that this corridor was to be completed to a higher standard and include certain landmark features that would make this street unique.  

Some of these features included, decorative concrete sidewalk patterning, boulevard trees, custom streetlights, street furniture, enhanced landscaping plans, a street vendor power system, and art installments. The landmark feature of the street is the festival string lighting that was design. This includes a canopy of cables hung from custom design poles so festival lighting can be attached and displayed along the entire corridor of 50A Street. To help with the design process of this feature street Tagish prepared 3D concept models to provide a visual rendering of the project. Throughout construction Tagish, worked closely with the businesses along the street to ensure work was proceeding with as limited impact as possible. In the prime consultant role Tagish collaborated with 3 sub-consultants to prepare the design, engaged with Telus, ATCO and Fortis to coordinate required upgrade work and was a key player in coordinating the work with 8 different sub-contractors throughout the construction phase. 


Town of Sylvan Lake




  • 86m of sanitary service replacements

  • 1,590m of shallow utility conduit

  • 2,300 sq.m. of road reconstruction

  • 1,180 sq.m. of sandblasted concrete sidewalks

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