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Lagoon Repairs

Flagstaff County

Project Description

Tagish Engineering was commissioned to evaluate the condition of the existing sanitary lagoons, design, tender and inspect the project. The scope involved environmental approvals to reduce the number of cells. Remove Anaerobic cells and combine the area with the facultative cell, as well as removing existing concrete rubble, reinstate all internal berms and place a Rhinoskin liner to all internal slopes. All structures and piping were replaced followed by topsoil and seeding.  


The Tagish team was responsible for all steps of the process from conceptual methodology through to post construction assessment. Other services such as coordination with Government agencies and local landowners, construction inspection and quality control were also provided by Tagish Engineering on this project. The design was complete prior to the lagoons annual draining so a portion of on demand survey and design took place as the project was constructed.  

Coordination between client, landowner and contractor ensured a smooth delivery of a physically large project. Working in a live sanitary environment entailed close coordination between the contractor and the client to ensure the methodology covered safety requirements whilst still achieving progress was paramount to meeting the project goal. Clay was sourced from an adjacent field which provided a long-term water source for the landowner. 


Flagstaff County




  • Over 21,000 cu.m. of common excavation

  • 118m of new site sanitary sewer

  • 11,800 of new geosynthetic liner

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