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Springbrook & Gasoline Alley Inflow & Infiltration Study

Red Deer County

Project Description

Tagish Engineering was awarded with the Red Deer County Inflow and Infiltration Study after submission of a proposal in January 2018. The study involved the collection of existing sanitary network data, collection of unknown flow data, analysis of all acquired data to find infiltration sources, recommendations of solutions, and a program to reduce the inflow and infiltration being experienced by the County within Gasoline Alley and Springbrook. Included in the study was an update of the GIS geodatabase and a sanitary sewer hydraulic model in SewerCAD. A flow monitoring program was developed and utilized to collect inflow and infiltration data. 

The project required a significant amount of survey and field notetaking, database management, and analysis. Tagish Engineering performed survey and assessment of the entire Gasoline Alley & Springbrook sanitary network consisting of 388 manholes, and 5 Lift Stations. Pictures were taken of every manhole interior, with rim and each invert elevations recorded. 


Red Deer County




  • 388 Manholes Surveyed

  • 10 flow monitoring stations

  • 2 rain gauges for model calibration

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