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Rimbey Water Reservoir & Pump Station

Town of Rimbey

Project Description

The Town of Rimbey faced two major problems with regards to their water subbly. First, a significant elevation change across the Town caused low pressures in certain areas Second, fire protection storage was inadequate for the size of the growing community. Tagish Engineering Ltd successfully applied for a Building Canada Fund grant to construct a new 2000 m3 reservoir and update the water distribution system with over 2 km of trunk watermains. To help control the large elevation range within the Town a second pressure zone was created using pressure reducing valves. The project took care of both problems and allowed for continued growth in the community.

The Building Canada Fund related projects were large projects with very aggressive timelines. Tagish Engineering was required to work extremely efficiently to ensure the project milestones were achieved throughout conceptual engineering to plant commissioning.

A project of this magnitude required intense planning and solid design choices to be successful. Tagish analyzed both the existing conditions and anticipated growth for the entire Town to help determine the appropriate reservoir size. The Town did not have a complete water model before this project and therefore Tagsh created a water model for the existing Town using WaterCAD software. Pump sizing and pressure calculations were confirmed by running several modeling scenarios for the entire Town for both existing and future growth conditions. Lastly, the pressure zones were identified and modeled to confirm flow characteristics.

The project was a multi discipline project and Tagish was responsible for coordinating and managing all sub-consultants which included land agents, structural engineering, shallow utility coordination, geotechnical engineering and testing, and legal land surveying. Tagish was able to compile a very competent team that worked very well together throughout the project.

The construction work was broken into two contracts to achieve the best pricing and to ensure contractors that were competent in the specific fields were utilized. As this was a large project with tight timelines a large contractor effort was required and therefore construction administration and inspection was ver important to ensure project quality was not compromised. Tagish had a dedicated construction team to ensure inspections, surveys, material testing, and contract administration was completed.


Town of Rimbey




  • 2.000 cu.m. water reservoir

  • Natural Gas backup generator

  • 3 - 15 hp distribution pumps

  • 1 - 75 hp fire pump

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