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Range Road 10 Reconstruction

Red Deer County

Project Description

Tagish Engineering was commissioned to design, tender and inspect the construction for the upgrade and reconstruction of 6.4km chip seal road with a 9m asphalt finished surface c/w 300mm depth of granular subbase course, 150mm granular base course and 125mm depth asphaltic concrete pavement. The project also included overlaying 4.9km of the existing road from Twp Rd 374 to Burnt Lake Trail with 100mm of asphaltic concrete pavement. A Geotechnical investigation and analysis was completed to calculate CBR values of subsurface soils along with projected ESALs to identify the design parameters for a flexible pavement design that would sustain a road service life of 20 years. 

Drainage Improvements were achieved with the installation of numerous centerline and access culverts to promote positive drainage where achievable, field and driveway access enhancements, encountered unsuitable subgrade materials that was removed and replaced with recycled road gravels from the upper portion of existing structure. Coordination with local residents and events held at the Ridgewood Community Hall was ongoing throughout construction to ensure daily schedules were maintained with minimal disturbance.


Red Deer County




  • 825m of culverts replaced

  • 29,700 tonnes of granular base course

  • 32,100 tonnes of asphalt paving

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