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Penhold Minto Street Improvements

Town of Penhold

Project Description

Tagish Engineering was commissioned to design, tender and inspect the construction for this infrastructure improvement project. The project consisted of three separate projects.  Minto Street, west of Highway 2A was reconstructed with new base, new asphalt, concrete replacements and the replacement of the existing sanitary with 200mm PVC mains.  The east side of Minto Street was milled and overlaid with a new asphalt surfacing along with some concrete replacements.  As part of this project, a new collector roadway was constructed to service a new development off of Range Road 275 which included extensive tree clearing, grading and landscaping.   Lastly, a parking lot was constructed off of Waskasoo Avenue near the Town’s sports and recreational facilities to provide additional parking for the public. This project was substantially completed in a timely manner and within given budget restraints. 

The overall scope of the project was simple in concept but was challenging due to aged infrastructure within Minto Street, mainly the sanitary mains and unsuitable material.  Minto Street connects to Highway 2A, which required extensive traffic detours and traffic management to ensure public safety.  The Range Road 275 Collector and Recreational Parking Lot projects turned out extremely well. 


Town of Penhold




•   2,700 sq.m and 2,300 sq.m. of roadway re-construction and asphalt overlay on Minto Street 

•   2,200 sq.m. of rural collector roadway construction on RR275 

•   1,500 sq.m. of parking lot construction  

•   110 meters of PVC Sanitary Main c/w service upgrades  

•   Concrete replacements, stripping, site grading and landscaping 

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