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Lakeshore Drive Redevelopment Phase 5 & 6

Town of Sylvan Lake

Project Description

Tagish Engineering was commissioned to tender and inspect the construction for this infrastructure improvements project as well as undertake the design of the municipal aspects of the project. The project consisted of the final phase of the beautification of Lakeshore Drive west of 50th Street. The scheme involved replacement of the existing 200mm ductile water main and replaced with a 200mm PVC, new decorative concrete sidewalks and Plaza area, enhanced landscaping, street lighting and feature sculptures. Due to Lakeshore Drive being a main arterial road within the Town with a high volume of pedestrian traffic throughout the summer months, Traffic accommodation and the management of, played a major role within the planning and execution of the project. Weekly visits to local businesses informing them on progress and weekly traffic diversion strategies was also key to successfully undertaking and completing the project on time. This project was completed in a timely manner and within the given budget.

The Tagish team was responsible for the municipal design aspects of the project through to post construction engineering. Other services such a coordination with the local shallow utility companies, public notifications and open houses, construction inspection and quality control were also provided by Tagish Engineering on this project.  Public access routes, onsite parking and storage, detour routing, development of a construction traffic control plan, and individual meetings with each business and land owners were some of the steps taken to ensure the impact on local businesses was minimized.


Town of Sylvan Lake




  • 11,080 sq.m. of roadway construction

  • 600m of Water Main & Services

  • 2,600 sq.m. of Decorative Concrete

  • 1,260m of Plantings

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