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Junction 42 Water Treatment Plant & Water Reservoir

Red Deer County

Project Description

Tagish Engineering was commissioned to design, tender and inspect the construction for a brand new Pump House and Reservoir at Junction 42. The Junction 42 area is an exciting and significant endeavour for the County of Red Deer with the Junction 42 Pump House and Reservoir being a critical piece of infrastructure that provides this future area with water service. This project was a multi-faceted project consisting of getting well approvals from Alberta Environment, running water mains and communication lines from the well to the facility, construction of a pump house and reservoir and the installation of water mains to future lots.  Because the area is new, Tagish also helped with co-ordinating power, gas/propane, temporary access road and fiber optic communications to the facility. The inside of the pump house consists of five (5) water distribution pumps, chemical feed system, HVAC unit, 250 KW generator, MCC, PLC, and other various mechanical/electrical equipment. The reservoir and the building consists of a combination of cast in place concrete, precast concrete walls, and a EPDM roofing system.  

This project was a multi-disciplinary endeavor and the Tagish team was responsible for all steps of the process from conceptual design through to post construction engineering. The Tagish team was able to supply the County with a full range of team expertise from earth/grading works, underground main installations, architectural/structural services, HVAC and electrical/instrumentation services.  

The timeline and schedule for this project was imperative and required excellent communication, planning and organization between all parties. Adherence to these items, continuing quality control and construction management were the deciding factors in the resultant success of the project. 


Red Deer County




  • 5 Water Distribution Pumps

  • 250kW Generator

  • 630 cu.m. Water Reservoir

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