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Junction 42
Water Supply Line

Red Deer County

Project Description

Tagish Engineering was responsible for the design, tendering and construction management of a new water supply main that connected the community of Springbrook to the new development, Junction 42, within Red Deer County. The project involved the installation of 3,795m of 300mm water main to ensure the reliable and safe supply of water to Junction 42.


The main was installed via horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method, which allow for minimal disruption to the road right-of-way and environment the water line was installed in. The project was designed to meet the specific needs of the new development, considering factors such as population growth, demand, and future expansion. The project was tendered to qualified contractors which submitted bids based on their experience, qualifications, and price. After a thorough evaluation, the contract was awarded to the most suitable contractor who proposed the best value.


The project was successfully, completed on time and within budget, ensuring a reliable and safe supply of water for the new development and its future growth.


Red Deer County




  • 3,795m of HDD 300mm dia HDPE Water Main

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