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Junction 42
Offsite East Servicing

Red Deer County

Project Description

Tagish Engineering completed the design, tendering and provide construction management services for the expansion of the existing water and sanitary mains within the Red Deer County development, Junction 42. Construction included the installation of a new 300mm PVC and HDPE water main, a new 250mm PVC and HDPE sanitary main, and two HDD crossings underneath Highway 2. This project was critical in securing development to this area and created the opportunity to entice future development as well.  

With tight project timelines, Tagish was responsible for coordinating with Alberta Transportation to secure a crossing permit for Highway 2. To ensure the greatest opportunity for success for the highway crossing two different alignments for the highway crossing were considered. During this stage, geotechnical investigations were performed on both alignments to determine which was the most feasible for directional drilling from a soil stratigraphy and soil characteristics perspective. Following this detail review the preferrable alignment was selected and presented to Alberta Transportation for approval. Through close workings with Alberta Transportation throughout the entire concept and preliminary stages of the project, the permit was granted without any issues.  


This project posed a variety of risks including, horizontal direction drilling underneath a major transportation corridor, and supply chain issues when ordering construction materials. These were all mitigated through an open communication and proactive approach. This project was completed on time and well under the budget limits. Through a collaborative approach between Red Deer County, Alberta Transportation, and the Contractor this project was considered a great success.  


Red Deer County




  • 505m of open cut 300mm PVC water main

  • 708m of open cut 300mm PVC gravity main

  • 370m of horizontal directional drill 300mm HDPE water main

  • 370m of horizontal directional drill 150mm HDPE sanitary force main

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