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Innisfail 46 Avenue Infrastructure Improvements

Town of Innisfail

Project Description

Tagish Engineering was hired by the Town to complete the design, tendering, and construction management of this infrastructure replacement project. This project was split into 2 phases with the construction of the 1st phase completed in 2021 and the 2nd phase is proposed for 2023. This project was identified as a top priority for the Town as the CCTV camera inspection of the sewer determined that there were multiple sags in the existing pipe and the cast iron water main had numerous line breaks over the past few years.

To improve water main looping within the area, Tagish recommended installing a new water main on 48 Street via horizontal directional drill. This method proved beneficial as it limited surface repair work and added missing redundancy to the Town's network.

Due to the significant amount of deep utility work on this roadway it was recommended as well that the asphalt paving work be completed the year after the underground work took place. Material testing and backfilling inspections took place during construction however due to the characteristics of the existing soil, natural settlement following a freeze/thaw cycle has proven to be the best way to consolidate the material. In the interim, the asphalt milling that were milled off the road were placed as a temporary road surface during the winter and spring months.


Town of Innisfail




  • 215m of water main replacement

  • 100m of HDD water main installation

  • 200m of sanitary sewer replacement

  • 80m of storm sewer replacement

  • 18 lateral water & sanitary service replacements

  • 2,700 sq.m. of road reconstruction

  • 315m of new rolled mono-sidewalk

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