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Burnt Lake Trail Pavement Rehabilitation

Red Deer County

Project Description

Tagish Engineering was hired to complete the design, tendering and construction management of Burnt Lake Trail pavement rehabilitation project. In total, the project spanned from Highway 11 to Highway 781. The rehabilitation for this 18.2 km rural highway was an essential undertaking to ensure the preservation of the existing pavement structure and provide a safe and efficient movement of vehicles. The project involved the resurfacing the entire length of roadway with new asphalt. A total of 33,000 tonnes of asphalt was used to repave the road, proving a smooth and durable surface for vehicles to travel on.


As part of the project, the existing asphalt on the roadway was milled off, with a total of 158,000 sq.m. removed. This process was necessary to preserve the top width of the road while also allow for the recycled asphalt to be reused in the new asphalt mix. This not only reduced the amount of new materials needed for the project, but it also helped to minimize the environmental impact of the project. In addition to the paving, speed restrictions and the superelevations of the curves were evaluated and designed to ensure the safe passage of vehicles through them.   

The goal of the project was to improve the overall condition and safety of this rural corridor for drivers, while also reducing the maintenance and repair costs associated with the roadway in the future. The end result was a smooth and durable roadway that was completed on time and under the budgeted amount.  


Red Deer County




  • 158,000 sq.m. of asphalt milling

  • 33,000 tonnes of asphalt pavement

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