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Athabasca 49 Street Reconstruction

Town of Athabasca

Project Description

Tagish Engineering was commissioned to design, tender and inspect the construction for this infrastructure replacement, roadway rehabilitation, and beautification project through the Town of Athabasca's downtown core. This project consisted of replacing all the deep underground utilities including sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water mains as well as the installation of underground power and street light replacement. The project also included full surface replacement and upgrades of most of the existing infrastructure within the roadway right of way which established a new color theme for the Town's sidewalk system.  

This project was a multi-disciplinary endeavor and the Tagish team was responsible for all steps of the process from conceptual design through to post construction engineering. Tagish was able to supply the Town with a full range of team expertise from conceptual roadway designs to a beautifully themed finished product. 


A project of this magnitude insofar as public exposure and the avoidance of extraordinary disruption to the Downtown business core required significant planning, expertise, and experience in the way of construction management. Public access routes, offsite parking, detour routing, development of a construction traffic control plan, and multiple public meetings were some of the steps taken to ensure the impact on local businesses was minimized. Adherence to these items, continuing quality control and construction management were the deciding factors in the resultant success of the project. 


Town of Athabasca




  • 500 meters of PVC Deep Utilities 

  • 160 meters of shallow utility conduit 

  • 385 meters of concrete curb and gutter 

  • 1,000 square meters of unique concrete walks 

  • 3,600 square meters of asphalt 

  • 10 decorative Trees and Grates 

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