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57A Street Lane Infrastructure Replacements

Town of Stettler

Project Description

Tagish Engineering was commissioned to design, tender and inspect the construction for this infrastructure improvement project. The project consisted of the replacement of the existing 200mm clay Sanitary main and with a 200mm PVC, and the existing 150mm water main with a 200mm HDPE water main. The gravel surface was also updated to provide a new and more robust surface. This project was completed in a timely manner and within given budget restraints.

The Tagish team was responsible for all steps of the process from conceptual design through to post construction engineering. Other services such as coordination with the local shallow utility companies, public notification, construction inspection and quality control were also provided by Tagish Engineering on this project.  The protection of the public was very important due to the close proximity of the trench to back yard fencing. Close coordination with property owners was very important to ensure public safety. The coordination and sequencing of onsite equipment was also essential to achieving a safe delivery of the project when working beneath so many overhead cables and along site a deteriorating gas main.


Town of Stettler




•   900 sq.m of Lane Reconstruction

•   180 m of HDPE Water Main

•   180 m of PVC Sanitary Main

•   21 Sanitary and Water service upgrades

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