Westview Drive Sanitary Main Upgrade

PROJECT. Westview Drive Sanitary Main Upgrade

LOCATION.  Town of Sylvan Lake

OWNER. Town of Sylvan Lake


Allan Gassor – Director of Public Works          


START DATE.  April 1, 2008

COMPLETION DATE.  October 29, 2008


TAGISH’S ROLE.  Prime Consultant



Tagish Engineering was commissioned to design, tender and inspect the upgrade of the sanitary sewer main along Westview Drive in the Town of Sylvan Lake. This upgrade was necessitated due to the annexation of the lands to the south of town in 2006. It was identified in Tagish Engineering’s 2006 Annexation Report that the existing sanitary sewer capacity was insufficient to handle the development to the south of town. This route was chosen as it was the most economical. It was noted during the design component of the project, that the normal remove and replace method of upgrading was not feasible in this case due to depths and utility crossings. Tagish Engineering researched alternative methods of economical construction methods and it was decided to proceed by directional drilling a parallel sanitary sewer main with connections to the existing sewer main to direct the flows into the upgraded main would be the best option for economical reasons. This method would also reduce the interruptions to the residents sanitary services. This project was completed in a timely manner and well within budget.



Tagish Engineering increased sanitary flow capacity for future growth of the south end of Town of Sylvan Lake.  Through the use of directional drilling, the existing road base had minimal disturbance to decrease differential trench settlements.  With newer construction methods we stayed within budget and the job was done on time.



•   Worked with contractor to identify limitations to this construction method

•   Reduced the existing road surface area being disturbed to reduce costs and maintain integrity of road structure.

•   Emergency vehicle access was maintained throughout construction.

•   Uninterrupted sanitary service was maintained throughout construction



•   Tender Preparation

•   Contract Administration

•   Preliminary Engineering and Cost Estimating

•   Detailed site survey

•   Detailed Design

•   Project Management

•   Construction Observation and Inspection









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