Innisfail Main Street Revitalization

PROJECT. Innisfail Downtown Revitalization

LOCATION.  50th Street Innisfail

OWNER.  Town of Innisfail


Craig Teal, Director of Planning and Operations


START DATE.  May 22, 2012

COMPLETION DATE.  October, 2014


TAGISH’S ROLE.  Prime Consultant



Tagish Engineering was commissioned to design, tender and inspect the construction for this infrastructure replacement, roadway rehabilitation, and beautification project through the Town of Innisfail's downtown core. Due to the magnitude of the project, it was broken into three phases each being a significant portion of the overall construction. This project consisted of replacing all of the deep underground utilities including sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water mains as well as a significant portion of their streetlight system. Installation of additional new shallow utilities was also completed including an irrigation system for tree watering, a conduit network for future fibre optics, and an additional power system for tree lighting and Town events held in the business core. The project also included full surface replacement and upgrades of most the existing infrastructure within the roadway right of way to match a common theme developed for the three phases. Installation of patterned concrete, additional trees, planters, and many other landscape features was used to create the theme and beautify Innisfail's Main Street for years to come. This project was completed in a timely manner and within given budget restraints.



  • The addition of the TriAx TX5 Geogrid installed between the 6-125 sub-base and the150mm base course to provide the road with an even load displacement and solidarity, which will help to prevent pumping/heaving of the road structure caused by the freeze thaw cycle.



  • Project Scope Definition and Preliminary Design

  • Detailed Engineering Design

  • Civil 3D Corridor Modeling

  • Tender Preparation

  • Contract Administration

  • Performed all preliminary and construction surveys

  • Project Management

  • Construction Observation and Inspection




  • Overall site drainage was improved with ditch re-grading, multiple culvert replacements and additions strategically placed within the road corridor to maintain positive drainage.

  • Removing unsuitable sub-grade materials by over-excavating 300-600mm and replacing with 6-125mm Pitrun gravels