Tindastoll Drainage Channel

PROJECT. Tindastoll Drainage Channel

LOCATION.  Red Deer County, AB

OWNER. Red Deer County


Evan Bedford                                               

Red Deer County Operation


START DATE.  August 2013

COMPLETION DATE.  October 2014


TAGISH’S ROLE.  Prime Consultant



The Tindastoll Drainage system was constructed in the early 1980’s to bypass a seasonal back flood area and provide improved spring run-off conditions.  The creek is also utilized by adjacent landowners as a source of water for livestock.  The creek required a clean out of a 1 mile section of the constructed channel to return it to the original design hydraulic conditions, and other measures to improve the water quality by constructing low level crossings and a dugout bypass to keep cattle from drinking directly from the water course.  Upstream road structures were being compromised due to the back-flooding occurring from the inadequate channel flows.  Following the improvements the channel will be fenced as to keep livestock from entering the improved sections to protect water quality and minimize premature siltation of the creek.        



The creek was originally design with minimal grades due to the limited elevation drop available in the area where the bypass was originally designed.  Low level crossings reinforced with pit-run mixed with washed rock were selected as a cost effective alternative to elevated pipe crossings, due to a piped crossings potential to silt and plug up in the low flow conditions.   



The channel receives flow from a large basin area and maintains intermittent flow at various times of year.  The fall was selected as the ideal for construction was staged to take place during this time as it is considered to be less active with regards to flow in this channel.  The cleanout scope included deeper cuts in some areas which required material handling and staging to meet the project scope requirements. 



  • Initial Project Review and Analysis

  • Site meetings with project stakeholders

  • Detailed Engineering Design

  • Tender Preparation

  • Contract Administration

  • Obtaining proper Provincial and Municipal Approvals

  • Performed all Preliminary and Construction Surveys

  • Project Management

  • Construction Observation and Inspection

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