Sylvan Lake Main Reservoir

PROJECT. Sylvan Lake Main Reservoir Expansion

LOCATION.  Sylvan Lake, AB

OWNER. Town of Sylvan Lake


Alan Gassor

START DATE.  August 2009


CONSTRUCTION COST.  $2.2 million

TAGISH’S ROLE.  Prime Consultant



To facilitate growth, the Town of Sylvan Lake required additional capacity and storage for their water system. After successfully helping the Town attain a Building Canada Fund grant, Tagish Engineering was commissioned to design and administer the construction of a new 4500 cu.m. water reservoir that would help battle peak water demands for the Town and also allow for future growth.



•    There was extensive coordination between the Contractors and the Town to keep the    Community Center open to the Public at all times.  This required traffic control plans and good communication between all parties.

•   The existing ditch had existing street lights that had started to tilt due to a poor ditch sideslopes and base.  Fortis was contacted and the street lights were able to be raised and straightened prior to construction start up.

•  There were numerous sub contractors on this project for the road work, underground work, concrete work and landscaping.  Tagish was able to work with all parties and complete a project under tight deadlines and under budget.



•    420 meters of PVC Storm Main installed

•   9 storm manholes & catch basin manholes installed

•   6 catch basins installed

•   260 meters of 2.5 meter asphalt pathway constructed

•   100 meters of rolled concrete monolithic sidewalk installed

•   200 meters of standard curb and gutter installed

•   3 large concrete islands constructed with 3 tree wells per each constructed

•   1000 cubic meters of clay and topsoil brought in to fill existing ditch



•    Preliminary Surveys

•   Preliminary Engineering and Cost Estimating

•   Detailed Design and Consultation for the Project

•   Construction, Pedestrian and Automotive Traffic Management

•   Liaison with Fortis for Street lighting relocation

•   Tender Preparation

•   Contract Administration

•   Preparation and Distribution of Public Notifications

•   Detailed Site Survey

•   Project Management

•   Material Testing and Quality Control









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