Storm Systems

Willow Street Storm - Red Deer County, AB

Description: Tagish Engineering was commissioned to design, tender and inspect the construction of a large storm water retention pond and pipeline in Gasoline Alley for Red Deer County. This project consisted of stripping topsoil from an existing wetland, GPS controlled excavation of the retention pond, topsoil replacement, and site grading.

Cost: $1,680,000


Waskasoo Ave Dyke Concept - Penhold, AB

Description: Tagish Engineering was commissioned to design, tender and inspect the construction for this earthworks dirt balancing project. As part of an overall dyke concept proposed for the Town of Penhold, this project saw the creation of an earthwork berm spanning the northern half of Penhold ensuring Waskasoo Creek flood water did not cause damage to local infrastructure.

Cost: $872,000


Hwy 2A Storm Water Improvements - Innisfail, AB

Description: Residents located along Highway 2A through the Town of Innisfail have experienced a significantly high ground water table for a number of years. The need for constant ground water pumping, by means of sump pumps, became a regular occurrence for these residents. Tagish Engineering was commissioned to first assess the situation for possible causes, and then to develop and construct a solution to the problem.

Cost: $1,100,000


Pheasant Terrace SWMP- SV of White Sands, AB

Description: Pheasant Terrace Subdivision started in 2001 and is currently about 50% complete. The Summer Village contacted us to create a grading plan when the lower elevation lots started to develop as they were starting to see some issues with drainage. These are typical issues brought on by developing without completing a stormwater management plan or a detailed subdivision design.

Cost: $60,000


Costco Storm Water Improvements - Gasoline Alley, AB

Description: Continuing aggressive development in the Gasoline Alley corridor began to influence the West side existing storm water detention and outlet facilities which prompted Red Deer County to initiate a Storm Water Management Study and resultant Storm Water facility and Infrastructure improvements.

Cost: $1,600,000


Northwest SWMP Construction- Ponoka, AB

Description: Tagish Engineering has completed an overall Storm Water Management Plan for the entire Northwest area of the Town of Ponoka. Phase 1 consisted of creating a storm water retention area by constructing a berm across an existing wetland and providing an adequate outlet to the Battle River, which included the construction of 400 metres of 1200mm diameter piping and 300 metres of channel excavation.

Cost: $800,000


RR20 Low Level Drainage Crossing- Red Deer County, AB

Description: Tagish Engineering was commissioned to assess the occurrences of the Red Deer River’s exceeding its containment capacity and breeching through the Rge. Rd. 20, County road. During high mountain snow melt runoff combined with spring rainfall events, the Red Deer River has, on various occasion, overflowed and caused significant damage to Rge. Rd. 20 in the form of a total washout and loss of use of this road. Obviously this results in significant rebuild costs to the municipality.

Cost: $227,000


Cornergate Estates Drainage- Red Deer County, AB

Description: Tagish Engineering was asked to assess the water management concerns within the Cornergate Estates development and surrounding area and to implement a drainage plan that would help alleviate and contain flows from storm water events. The natural flow of water is directed to a low-lying area on the NW7 38-27-4 south of Twp. Rd. 382, which eventually drains across the road via twin CSP culverts into a registered drainage channel that winds its way through SW18 38-27-4 & SE13 38-28-4 and finally outleting into the Red Deer River.

Cost: $160,000


East Storm Channel Completion- Sylvan Lake, AB

Description: The Eastside Stormwater Management Plan, completed for the Town of Sylvan Lake in 2003, identified that the existing storm water drainage route from the east side of the town was deficient and was the main contributor to the floods of 1999.

Cost: $220,000