Pheasant Terrace Stormwater Management Plan

PROJECT. Pheasant Terrace Stormwater Management Plan

LOCATION.  Twp Rd. 404 200m west of RR 203

OWNER. Summer Village of White Sands


Lorne Thurston, Mayor

START DATE.  June 2014



TAGISH’S ROLE.  Prime Consultant



Pheasant Terrace Subdivision started in 2001 and is currently about 50% complete. The Summer Village contacted us to create a grading plan when the lower elevation lots started to develop as they were starting to see some issues with drainage. These are typical issues brought on by developing without completing a stormwater management plan or a detailed subdivision design. Tagish identified the need to complete a storm water management plan for the area in order to assist in the grading plan. The existing topography of the site is typical of the area with rolling hills and pot holes. Pheasant Terrace subdivision surrounds an existing slough area that has been functioning as the storm water management facility. Sloughs often function as SWMF, unfortunately there is no outlet from this slough and the risk of flood increase with each newly developed lot.


In order to identify an adequate outlet, analysis of  LIDAR data, detailed surveys, and air photos were reviewed. We identified some possible outlet locations and the Summer Village used their knowledge of the area to choose the best route. Due to its topographical constraints it would be necessary to pump the stormwater under TWP RD 404 into the adjacent pasture land then with some minor ditching the water could be routed to a large slough surrounded by pastureland. The summer Village then secured an easement with the landowner for the outlet ditch.


With a tight budget the Summer Village opted to complete this project in phases. Phase 1 will complete the inlet, manhole and force main and utilize a portable manned pump that will be used in emergency situations. Phase 2 will bring in power and automated pumping equipment into the manhole. The Village will be completing miscellaneous grading of the site on their own with direction from Tagish Engineering in order to reduce the costs.



Scheduling was one of the biggest issues with construction, the quote was requested on November 18 and obtained on November 28 with a completion date of December 31 we were running short on time. The contractor was on site December 12 and completed the project by December 19.


During Construction the plan had to be modified due to land owner concerns about removing too many trees. In order to re-establish the bank once the structure is in place it would have required 3,600 m2 of brushing and 800 m3 of fill. With the plan modified to save trees, a noel was created that may have looked out of place in other terrains but in the rolling hills of white sands it blends in perfectly. 


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