Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

PROJECT. Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

LOCATION.  Jarvis Bay Provincial Park

OWNER. Alberta Parks and Recreation


Dale Ewachow – Infrastructure Technologist



START DATE.  February 2011



TAGISH’S ROLE.  Prime Consultant



Tagish Engineering was commissioned to design, aid in tendering, and inspect the construction for the upgrade of the Jarvis Bay Campground water distribution facility. The facility would be supplied water from a new Town of Sylvan Lake water well pumping station, and would be designed to provide a reduced volume winter storage and distribution system for the year round requirements of the park. This project consisted of removing the old pumping facility completely, constructing a new building, installation of a winter storage tank, installation of multiple new water main alignments, upgrades to the existing summer storage tank, installation of the interior building plumbing, and installation of the various water treatment apparatus required.    



This project was mainly a water distribution project in which the Tagish team was responsible to design and inspect the construction of a water distribution facility which would provide adequate water service to the entire campground while meeting all the water quality control standards. Tagish was able to supply Alberta Parks with a full range of water distribution expertise in the design as well as the operations through the completion of an operations manual for the operators. This was provided by a very competent team that worked very well together throughout the project.


The need for a large water above ground storage tank in the summer and a smaller underground storage tank in the winter, created challenges in providing a water distribution facility that would meet both summer and winter requirements, directing water supply to the two storage tanks, providing the testing and alarm apparatus required, and providing simplified facility operations.         


Winter construction, the need for an upgrade to three phase power, and the need to meet both the requirements of Alberta Parks and the Town of Sylvan Lake were just a few of the necessary planning steps, and adherence to these steps and overall quality control throughout construction were the deciding factors in the resultant success of the project.



  • Building Construction for the Water Distribution Facility

  • Installation of an Underground Water Storage Tank

  • Upgrade of the Existing Summer Storage Tank

  • Installation of a Summer and Winter Pump System and Controls

  • Installation of Water Mains required for the Water Facility 

  • Installation of a Gas Heat System

  • Installation of multiple Water Quality Control Devices and coordination of those with an Alarm System to notify the Operators if required


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•   Project Scope Definition and Preliminary Design

•   Detailed Design and Consultation for the Project

•   Preliminary Engineering, Cost Estimating and


•   Progress Payment Administration

•   Detailed Site Survey

•   Project Management

•   Construction Observation and Inspection