Hwy 56 Road Construction, Town Patching, Overlays

PROJECT. 2015 Hwy 56 Road Construction, Town Patching, & Overlays

LOCATION.  Highway 56, Stettler

OWNER. Town of Stettler


Melissa Robins, C.E.T.

Director of Operational Services


START DATE.  July 20, 2015

COMPLETION DATE.  September 30, 2015


TAGISH’S ROLE.  Prime Consultant



Tagish Engineering was commissioned to design, tender and inspect the construction for infrastructure replacement on the traffic dense Highway 56 running through Stettler, Alberta. The project scope also included pavement milling and overlays throughout the Town, in addition to road construction for a new commercial subdivision. The Highway 56 infrastructure replacement included roadway rehabilitation, storm main replacement, and redesign of adjacent commercial property accesses and residential adjacent boulevards - both to improve public convenience and for beautification purposes. This project was completed in a timely manner and well within given budget restraints, with a minimal amount of contingency used.



  • This project included the design of road and gutter replacement, which was well below current standards for minimum grade, in order to improve overland drainage while minimizing deviations from existing infrastructure.

  • Public consultation and notification, traffic control and redirection to minimize disruption, development of a construction traffic control plan and coordination with Alberta Prairie Railway to upgrade their railway crossing across the highway. Continual quality control and construction management were deciding factors in the resultant success of the project.


  • Tagish worked with the Contractor in-field to identify areas in which additional work was required, and areas in which curb and gutter replacement or road rehab were not required. The project stayed within project timelines and within the projects budget.

  • Multiple drainage issues were corrected.

  • Tagish worked with the Town to improve adjacent businesses accesses, often dealing with the business owners themselves in order to best discover their needs.




• Project Scope Definition and Preliminary Design

• Preliminary Engineering, Cost Estimating and Comparisons

• Detailed Design and Consultation for the Project

• Construction, Pedestrian and Automotive Traffic Management

• Tender Preparation

• Contract Administration

• Detailed Site Survey

• Project Management

• Material Testing and Quality Control







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