Gravel Road Assessment and Capital Plan

PROJECT. 2010 Gravel Road Assessment and Capital Plan

LOCATION.  Throughout Red Deer County

OWNER. Red Deer County


Marty Campbell, Director of Operations

START DATE.  September, 2009


TAGISH’S ROLE.  Prime Consultant



Tagish Engineering was commissioned to complete a full assessment of all gravel roads within Red Deer County. This assessment would provide technical data for 1 mile segments on each roadway within the County boundary, equating to approximately 1,430 miles (2,300km) of roadway to be studied. A comprehensive field program was created to efficiently collect all pertinent data. The program included small boreholes in each road segment to compile preliminary soils data, a specific challenge was Alberta One Call clearance for the approximate 4,300 boreholes completed. A road rating system was created to ensure evaluators were scoring the roads based on a standardized system. The data was then complied in a massive data base allowing for individual road segment scoring. The database can be queried for individual roadway elements as well as provide an overall roadway segment scoring.


The overall roadway assessment was then compiled into a report for both Council, and Administration use. The information was then utilized to develop a capital plan which entailed both a major and minor construction component for the County to move forward with for planning purposes. Two major advantages of this assessment report is that it is designed to allow continuous updating as road conditions change or construction is completed, and it is linked to the County GIS system so data, maps, and background information is readily available and easy to access. This project was a large undertaking and the first of its kind for Red Deer County, and is viewed as extremely successful by Council, Administration, and Tagish.        



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  • Field Data Collection and Measurements      

  • Borehole Completion and Recording

  • Roadway Evaluation

  • Creation of a Standardized Scoring System

  • Database and Report Compilation

  • Project Management

  • Capital Planning

  • GIS compatibility and integration

  • Presentations