Gemini Gravel Yard

PROJECT. Gemini Gravel Yard

LOCATION.  Town of Ponoka, AB

OWNER.  Gemini Field Solutions LLP


Dave Hummel, Fabrication Manager


START DATE.  June, 2014



TAGISH’S ROLE.  Prime Consultant



Gemini Field Solutions LLP came to us with the intention of developing 12 ha of land adjacent to their existing developed lot. Tagish was initially commissioned to complete a stormwater plan and look at some grading options. As fall approached it became clear that Gemini needed the land sooner than anticipated and pushed ahead with a full blown design to be constructed in the winter. We were prepared for winter construction but unforeseen delays resulted in an early spring start with a mid-August completion.


In the end, the gravel yard encompassed 6 ha of land with two different structures: Half the site was designated by the owner as a high traffic area and a structure of 600 mm of gravel and 1 layer of Combigrid was used, and in the lower traffic half of the site a structure of 375 mm of gravel and 1 layer of Combigrid was used.




There was a geotechnical report that identified areas with large amounts of organic fill that needed to be removed. Initially the intention was to remove all of the unsuitable material, but as construction progressed, pockets of more then 2 m depth were encountered and it was not feasible.  We were required to remove all of the unsuitable material. We agreed on a maximum depth to remove and in the end, more than 45,000 cubic meters of waste material was removed from the site.



  • Project Scope Definition and Preliminary Design

  • Detailed Engineering Design

  • Stormwater Modeling

  • Tender Preparation

  • Contract Administration

  • Performed all preliminary and construction surveys

  • Project Management

  • Construction Observation and Inspection


  • The stormwater impacts were minimized by routing the stormwater through the Town’s existing storm pond and providing a secondary outlet for the pond.


  • The contractor was able to work with Gemini giving them portions of the site to use as construction progressed.










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