Gasoline Alley Infrastructure Study

PROJECT. Gasoline Alley Infrastructure Study

LOCATION.  Gasoline Alley

OWNER. Red Deer County


Marty Campbell, Director of Operations  

START DATE.  January 2013

COMPLETION DATE.  September 2013


TAGISH’S ROLE.  Prime Consultant



Tagish Engineering Ltd. was commissioned in 2012 to compile an infrastructure report for the Gasoline Alley area within the County of Red Deer. The infrastructure system will be assessed to evaluate its present (2013) condition, as well as to identify any maintenance and/or upgrading programs which may be required. The study will also determine the impacts and changes required to the infrastructure system as dictated by growth.


When considering infrastructure impacts related to growth, each piece of infrastructure will be analyzed at its existing condition, full build out of the plan area, and at varying times in between as required upgrades dictate.


The overall purpose of this study is to provide Red Deer County with a comprehensive assessment of the current infrastructure, and to provide recommendations to aid the County in making infrastructure improvements to ensure that the existing system remains operable, and that growth is sustainable.



Water Supply Issues – The County was in the middle of drilling a well in Petrolia in order to keep up with the immediate demand issues as well as debating the long term impacts of servicing Gasoline alley with well water. Prior to commencing talks with the City of Red Deer regarding water supply, the county was able to review our preliminary study of the water supply outlining the pros and cons of City supplied water vs. well water.


Water Distribution Issues – Gasoline Alley has two separate water systems with two separate water supplies. Each system can maintain required peak hour flows but falls short in fire protection due to poor looping and multiple dead end lines. Without a great deal of modifications to the distribution system, the two separate systems can be (and are recommended) to be joined once a single source of water is obtained. This will fully correct any fire flow deficiencies with Gasoline Alley.


Sanitary Issues – Some issues discussed in the report were: the difficulties of servicing low-lying areas along the creeks and slough areas, the ramifications of upgrading the regional line of which the upstream loading will at some point become obsolete, and determining what areas should be gravity, lift station, or low-pressure systems.


Storm Water Issues – Due to the continually changing storm water release rate requirements, a map identifying the multitude of release rates that have been used within specific areas in Gasoline Alley was created. Also with the residential development being considered along Waskasoo creek, additional creek modeling has been recommended in order to identify setbacks for the residential areas.


Transportation – The transportation network completed by Al-Terra Engineering. They identified changes that were being imposed by the provincial government that would completely change traffic movements in this area. The completed the proposed network with regard to these changes which included the newly constructed roundabout in Gasoline Alley West.


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  • Project scope and definition

  • WaterCAD modeling

  • Sanitary modeling

  • Storm water modeling and basin analysis

  • Traffic modeling

  • Performed preliminary surveys

  • Project management

  • Report writing and formatting