Gasoline Alley Offsite Levies Report

PROJECT. Gasoline Alley 2013 OffsiteLevies Report

LOCATION.  Gasoline Alley – Red Deer County, AB

OWNER. Red Deer County


Marty Campbell

REPORT DATE.  October 2013

TAGISH’S ROLE.  Prime Consultant



In October 2013, Tagish Engineering updated and restructured Red Deer County’s offsite levies for the Gasoline Alley area. In the last few years, Gasoline Alley has transcended into a major commercial and business area within Central Alberta. The area has a wide and complex variety of development use including: highway commercial, commercial, industrial, and residential. The overall purpose of the report was to provide Red Deer County with an assessment of the existing and future costs that they have allocated for municipal infrastructure upgrades in the Gasoline Alley area. Through the use of offsite levies, Red Deer County is able to recapture some of the costs against developers for their proportionate share of County constructed municipal infrastructure, which benefits the applicable development areas.   



  • Benefitting areas were determined independently for water, sanitary, storm and road municipal infrastructure upgrades

  • Existing project costs were accounted from past construction costs and their corresponding areas which benefitted development

  • Future infrastructure projects and costs were projected over a 30 year growth for their corresponding benefitting areas

  • Tagish Engineering worked closely with Red Deer County Council and an aggressive schedule to calculate levies that were fair for current development as well to help recapture County costs for future development to amend the existing bylaw.









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  • Updated levies reflected development area size, and complexity of the municipal infrastructure required for Gasoline Alley

  • An infrastructure study was done to forecast future projects and development over 30 years

  • An offsite levy report was updated and restructured for existing and future development

  • Attended Council workshop meetings to explain changes to the levies

  • Worked closely with Red Deer County departments and sub-consultants to provide an accurate and detailed report

  • Presented a summary report that was easy to follow yet contained the necessary information

  • Worked with the County to adopt the new levies as part of an updated bylaw.