East Storm Channel Completion

PROJECT. East Storm Channel Completion

LOCATION.  Town of Sylvan Lake, AB

OWNER. Town of Sylvan Lake


Alan Gassor, Director of Operations


START DATE.  Nov 2013



TAGISH’S ROLE.  Prime Consultant



The Eastside Stormwater Management Plan, completed for the Town of Sylvan Lake in 2003, identified that the existing storm water drainage route from the east side of the town was deficient and was the main contributor to the floods of 1999. The report showed that the runoff from the south that flowed along Highway 20 could be diverted and a storm water channel could be constructed along the north end of the south half of Section 34 (Beju Industrial) and diverted to the proposed Eastside Storm Pond. This project completed the required Stormwater Channel to eliminate the existing bottleneck.



The original concept for this project originated several years prior to when the authorization to proceed was granted. Tagish Engineering was required to work extremely efficiently to ensure project milestones were achieved, yet they had to ensure all prior calculations and designs were accurate and the fit in the constructed sections of channel. Approvals were required from Alberta Environment and Ducks Unlimited prior to proceeding with construction.


It was noted that some of the originally specified materials were no longer available and satisfactory replacement materials were re-specified. As-built elevations were found to vary from original design elevations, which required design changes in the required gabion basket to achieve required purpose.


Construction administration and inspection was highly important to ensure project quality was not compromised. Tagish had a dedicated construction team to ensure inspections, surveys, and contract administration was completed.      



  • During excavation of channel a spring was encountered and water was seeping out of the sideslope. To prevent continuous sediment delivery and bank erosion we dressed the slope with an erosion control matting along with Class-1 Fractured Rip-Rap. This application proved to be successful, as the bank stabilized and sediment delivery to channel bed ceased.

  • Quality Assurance Construction Inspection

  • Liaison with landowners

  • Positive drainage of adjacent land parcels to channel












  • Project Scope Definition and Preliminary Design

  • Detailed Engineering Design

  • Tender Preparation

  • Obtaining proper provincial and municipal approvals

  • Performed all preliminary and construction surveys

  • Project Management

  • Construction Observation and Inspection











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