Cornergate Estates Drainage Improvements

PROJECT. Cornergate Estates DrainageImprovements Phase-1

LOCATION.  Alhambra Stables (Twp Rd 382)

OWNER. Red Deer County


Bryan Houle, P.Eng

START DATE.  March 2013

COMPLETION DATE.  September 2013


TAGISH’S ROLE.  Prime Consultant



Tagish Engineering was asked to assess the water management concerns within the Cornergate Estates development and surrounding area and to implement a drainage plan that would help alleviate and contain flows from storm water events. The natural flow of water is directed to a low-lying area on the NW7 38-27-4 south of Twp. Rd. 382, which eventually drains across the road via twin CSP culverts into a registered drainage channel that winds its way through SW18 38-27-4 & SE13 38-28-4 and finally outleting into the Red Deer River. Over time, this channel has become overgrown and choked with cattails, brush, trees and sediment deposit. This has caused yearly flooding and loss of land use to the property owners surrounding this channel.



  • Installation of culverts to provide strategically placed crossings for agricultural and equestrian use

  • Assurance Construction Inspection

  • Landowner liaison



  • Imperative for landowner’s equestrian businesses that field access for horse traffic was maintained at all times and that construction during major cross country events had to be put on hold until event was completed. This was accomplished with continuous communication with both the owner and contractor.

  • Unusable land due to poor drainage became effective operational space for events and horse pasture after the completing the drainage ditch re-grading and re-alignment through the property. 




  • Preliminary Surveys

  • Preliminary Design Engineering and Cost Estimating

  • Detailed Design

  • Tendering & Contract Administration

  • Obtaining proper provincial and municipal approvals

  • Project Management

  • Leaseholder Liaison











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