50th Street Sidewalks and Street Works

PROJECT. 2015 Sidewalk Replacements & 50th Street Works

LOCATION.  Sylvan Lake, Alberta

OWNER. Town of Sylvan Lake


David Kelham, C.Tech.

Project Manager


START DATE.  August 2015

COMPLETION DATE.  November 2015


TAGISH’S ROLE.  Prime Consultant



Tagish Engineering was commissioned to design, tender and inspect the construction for 2015 Sidewalk Replacements & 50th Street Works in Sylvan Lake, Alberta.  This project included a replacement of sidewalk and other miscellaneous concrete works on Halsall and Harrigan Street, which is located in the Hewlett Park subdivision.  The project also consisted of parking lot construction at the new fire hall location which is located at the intersection of 50th Street and Beacon Hill.  As part of the work, parking lot asphalt, concrete aprons, concrete sidewalks, asphalt pathways, concrete pinned curb, and concrete islands were also constructed.  During the Fire Hall work, Tagish Engineering had to co-ordinate with the contractor who was in charge of building the fire hall and numerous other engineers, consultants,Town representatives, contractors, throughout the project.  The parking lot construction was under a tight schedule to get constructed and paved prior to snowfall.  This project was completed in a timely manner and well under budget.


• There was extensive coordination between the Contractors and the Town to maintain timelines required for completion of the fire hall parking lot construction.  This required traffic control plans and good communication between all parties.

 •  There were numerous sub-contractors on this project for the paving work, concrete work and    landscaping.  Tagish was able to work with all parties and complete a project under tight deadlines and under budget.



•   300m of sidewalk installed

•   150 square meters concrete apron poured

•   3000 square meters of asphalt parking lot constructed

•   260 meters of pinned curb installed

•   100 meters of asphalt pathway installed

•   400 cubic meters of clay and topsoil brought in for landscaping


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•   Preliminary Surveys

•   Preliminary Engineering and Cost Estimating

•   Detailed Design and Consultation for the Project

•   Construction, Pedestrian and Automotive Traffic Management

•   Tender Preparation

•   Contract Administration

•   Preparation and Distribution of Public Notifications

•   Detailed Site Survey

•   Project Management

•   Material Testing and Quality Control